PopCap Games Rocks!

made by: mantic
tags: Misc

I'm not just referring to their games, but the actual company is pretty cool!

Let me explain:

I spent this Christmas in a hotel in downtown Seattle, visiting family. One day, while perusing Google Maps in search for a restaurant, I see this: "PopCap Games". My eyes blink. It's within walking distance of my hotel. Within minutes I'm punching the number 3 on an elevator in some downtown business building. As the doors open, I am greeted with an 88" TV (or so) with "Bejeweled 3" running on it. To my right is James Bernert at reception who is nice and very helpful. Though PopCap was pretty much shutdown for the Christmas season, there were a few employees there yet (mainly technical support). My wife and I chat with James, learn a bunch of cool stuff about PopCap (I didn't know they had 2 other international offices), and he give us a bunch of games! Bejeweled, Plants vs Zombies, and some Chuzzle squeeky toys. I take a few pictures, then we leave.

Needless to say, that was an awesome unexpected surprise for me and it was very inspirational as a game dev!

SO, to all of you out there: check out some of PopCap's games! They are fun and very pretty!


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