GotoAndWin is a division of Cerbercat, and is the home of all our AMAZING games. Eventually, this will be a community hotbed where you can play, chat, and compete for prizes!

Feel free to visit our sister sites: Media Muffin and Misc. Candy.

Paul Milham

Paul is one of our game programmers. His skills in rapid prototyping and zany ideas have proven to be invaluable here at GotoAndWin. He is an avid game developer who revels in quirky ideas and enjoyable games. Starting at the infamous Sensory Sweep, he has proven himself many times over. He is a Master of Games.

Edgar Nielsen

Edgar is our Star Artist. He has been doodling and animating since his early days in the West High School TV department. His style ranges from fun to silly, as well as his sense of humor. He is working on his degree in Film at the University of Utah, graduating soon, and is also a Master of Story. Edgar is the founder of Media Muffin and Misc. Candy.

Michael Whitaker

Mike is our webpage administrator, game developer, and one of our story writers. He also started his programming career at the infamous Sensory Sweep Studios, but quickly moved on to bigger and better fish. A recent graduate in Film at the University of Utah, Mike is quickly becoming a Master of Story. He runs his personal blag here: www.stabbymonkey.org.
If you would like to contact us, please email us at: contactus@cerbercat.com
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